Antigay Baptist Threat Is Actually A Good Thing For Gays

111-cakeryMississippi lawmakers have been going back and forth over SB 2681. It’s one of those bills that claims “religious freedom” but is really just about making life difficult for LGBTs by legalizing discrimination by businesses like photographers and bakers. You know, one of those “no cake for queers” bills.

Now we have a glimpse at the tactics that some antigay Baptist leaders are using to pressure Republicans into signing it into law. And those tactics are … well, kind of normal and reasonable, to be honest.

Dr. Jimmy Porter, Executive Director of the Christian Action Commission, sent a pleading email to some legislators a few days ago. In it, he threatened to expose which people voted for the law, and which people didn’t. A quote:

The leadership of the House will take a lot of heat for its failure if that is the case but it will be undeserved.  The Christian Action Commission will work diligently to ensure the blame will be laid at the feet of these 20 alleged Republicans.  Approximately 60,000 Baptist households will read about it and know the truth.  Add to that Pentecostal households, members of the Tea Party, followers of American Family Association, the Liberty Council and the Family Research Council, etc., and you begin to see the widespread interest in this bill.

That is actually a pretty good idea, and we totally endorse it! People should know where their representatives stand on this issue. Sure, some voters — particularly in Mississippi — regard support for discrimination as a good thing. But many do not, and in any event it’s important to know where your elected officials stand. Not to mention, the more that people talk about antigay animus, the more they come to see why it’s a bad thing.

So, yeah, Christian Action Commission, please do “ensure the blame will be laid”! In fact, we would be happy to join you in identifying the brave Republicans who took a stand for equality. We have a shared goal here! You list the Tea Party, AFA, FRC and Liberty Council as among those who will publicize the names of those lawmakers. Please add Queerty to that list! We stand with you, antigay Baptists!

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