Antigay Congressman Matt Salmon’s Gay Son Says His Family Sets a Great Example

Matt R. Salmon, the gay son of antigay Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon, tells Anderson Cooper he still has a loving relationship with his parents and says, “I couldn’t expect my parents to fully accept me unless I accept them in their views.”

The younger Salmon stopped by Anderson Cooper 360 says he hopes his father changes his position. I hope to get married some day and I hope I have his support,” he adds.Salmon

He also shares that he helped proofread a constitutional amendment written in part by his mother that stated marriage is between a man and a woman  because he was going through reparative therapy at the time and hoped to change to straight. “For me, it wasn’t really an issue,” says.

Asked by Cooper about a message for other young people whose conservative families don’t support their sexual orientation, Salmon says his family is a great example.

“My big hope is that people can look at my relationship with my parents and see that families can be conservative and have gay members and it doesn’t have to be this big ordeal. It doesn’t have to be fights and anger and hatred,” he says.

Salmon also reveals that he’d have no problem introducing his family to a boyfriend and that he thinks they’d be OK with meeting him.