Antigay Councilmember Posts Bestiality Photo On Facebook To Protest DOMA Repeal

sleeping pup playAre you ready for your daily installment of “Crazy Right-Wing Elected Officials Who Just Make Stuff Up About Gay People?” Yes? Okay, let’s begin.

Today’s hetero hero is South Bend, Indiana, City Councilman Henry Davis, Jr., who decided that it would be a good idea to post a photo of a man having sex with a dog on Facebook. His reason: to raise awareness that the repeal of DOMA inadvertently legalized bestiality.

The only problem with this, of course, is that it isn’t true. Bestiality is still against the rules. Obviously. It’s a ludicrous claim that is instantly unbelievable on its face. (And just to be thorough, Stars & Stripes debunked the myth long ago.)

And now that we think of it, there are a number of other problems as well, such as you can’t post pictures like that on Facebook, you idiot. Also, you probably shouldn’t post pictures like that anywhere, or even be in possession of those types of images for that matter.

The photo in question has vanished from Davis’ page, and there are no screengrabs. And to be clear, we wouldn’t post it even if there were, because unlike certain members of the South Bend City Council, we do not traffic in photos of animal sexual abuse. Pup play with consenting human adults is great fun! Sex with animals is not okay. City Councilmembers please make a note of it.

Davis later issued a non-pology, and is now under investigation by a Rules Committee.

Here’s the question that we’d like answered: where did Davis get the photo? Is that the only one he has, or is he a collector? And since he’s apparently so concerned about the plight of man’s best friend, at what point did he report to the authorities that he possessed evidence of animal abuse?