Antigay Group Sues SF Over Public Urinal At Dolores Park’s “Gay Beach”


Life for an antigay activist can’t be easy in San Francisco — where do you find the time to oppose everything those smiling, fun-loving gays are getting up to at all hours of the day?

One such group, the San Francisco Chinese Christian Union, has even upped the ante of homoffense, targeting the city’s latest attempt to address a stinky situation at Mission neighborhood hangout Dolores Park.

The SFCCU, which has previously been described as an “anti-LGBT hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is suing the city to remove Dolores Park’s pissoir.

What is a “pissoir,” you ask?

It’s essentially a hole in the ground. You’ve got to love the French.


The outdoor urinal (above) is located at the corner of Church St. and 20th St., an area popular among the gays for its prime city views and affectionately referred to as “gay beach.” It was installed as part of a major park renovation and intended to deal with the overwhelming public urination during the park’s busy days.

And yet, the SFCCU finds the newly installed urinal to be “offensive to the senses” and “grossly unseemly.”

They may have a point with the “unseemly” charge — the pissoir certainly won’t win any beauty pageants. Would it have killed the city to plant a shrub on the other side of it? We’re all about cleanliness, but we’d rather a train full of people didn’t watch us as we relieve ourselves.

But “offensive to the senses”? Really? You know what’s offensive to the senses? The foul stench that results from the combination of hipsters and PBR sprayed across the park’s western steps whenever the weather inches past 70 degrees.

“The open-air urination hole violates the privacy of those who need to use the restroom but would be required to expose their bodies and suffer the shame and degradation of urinating in public view,” the complaint reads.

Oh, so nudity in any form is shameful and degrading? There’s that church talk we all know and love.

It should also be noted that along with the pissoir (god we love that word), the city installed a brand spanking new set of bathrooms a mere 30 second walk away for the pee shy among us.

We know it’s satisfying to be offended, but we suggest they spend their time on something a little more, for lack of a better word, solid.