Antigay Hoax Waitress Has Finally Started Refunding Supporters Who Sent Her Sympathy Money

dayna-moralesDayna Morales has apparently learned the meaning of “pay back.” After the now-notorious lesbian waitress (and former Marine and teller of tall tales) received thousands of dollars in donations from sympathetic supporters when she claimed to have received an antigay note on a receipt in lieu of a gratuity from a family she served at a restaurant in New Jersey, she vowed to donate the money to Wounded Warriors.

Yet, earlier this week it was reported that the nonprofit war veterans charity couldn’t verify it had received a single penny from Morales, who has been suspended from her waitress job pending an investigation into the incident. What a surprise from a woman who falsely claimed to have brain cancer and that she was a sole survivor of an explosion in Afghanistan!

But maybe the lady has finally begun to right her wrongdoings.

UK’s Daily Mail reveals that Morales, instead of donating to war vets, has started returning the money to some of the folks who sent her the sympathy tips. It’s unknown what will happen to the cash that anonymous donors dropped off or mailed to the waitress.