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This antigay marriage ad says it would lead young boys to wear skirts to school

Australia’s Coalition For Marriage is decidedly not in favor of all marriage, a fact that becomes excessively clear in its latest advert.

The commercial is part of the organization’s No Campaign, and began airing just as the country primes itself for a massive postal survey enquiring whether same-sex marriage should be legalized.

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The commercial’s message is leaving people equally outraged and perplexed, mainly due to its argument that marriage equality would inspire young boys to wear dresses to school.

“The school told my son that he could wear a dress to school next year if he wanted,” says a woman named Cella White in the 30-second clip.

However, that never happened according to John Albiston, the principal of the school in question, who tells Huffington Post, “I have never had any complaints that we advised the boys they could wear dresses. We didn’t offer them that option.”

Australia’s education minister Simon Birmingham similarly calls the claim “patently ridiculous.”

“The truth is, the reality is that schools in the future, if they are faith-based schools, will be able to teach according to their faith and including according to the definition of marriage, according to their faith.

That will be respected in the future as it is today. It is patently ridiculous to suggest that allowing same sex couples to marry is somehow going to see some new wave of teaching reforms sweep across the country. That is just not going to happen.

This is a simple issue and it should not be conflated with other issues.”

You can watch the advert here: 

h/t: HuffPo UK