ANTM Gays Breaking Out

America’s Next Top Model‘s Miss J (Alexander) and Mister Jay (Manuel) are getting their own show, far, far away from that crazy monster known as Tyra Banks. The problem? The new show’s premise has already been done before.

Many, many times.

Here’s the description of the new Operation Fabulous:

‘Jay and J’ (as Manuel and Alexander are called on Top Model) will travel the country giving women makeovers. In various towns, the duo will select five participants and give them Top Model-style overhauls — how to dress, wear their hair and makeup and bring out their confidence with the support of family, friends and their community.


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  • TAZ389

    How more annoying those two queens can be!!!

    Do not give them a new show, do not give them a next season of ANTM, do not show them on television anymore.
    They should drop the attitude and get back in the real world !

    Miss J is such a waste of space . What is his job? Teaching women to walk. U have got to be kidding me!I could do that.

    Seriously. They think the’re what? Patsy and Eddy?

  • nikko

    Mister Jay(Manuel), you look so … There I said it. He’s so tacky-faggotty looking-yech.

  • Alan down in Florida


  • AZgaybe

    laughable! but i to had bad hair at one time and qualified for a freak-not on tv tho’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake

    These two are one of the reasons why gays have such a bad image! I’m embarrassed for them! They certainly are not doing anything to help promote gay acceptance as a whole. They should be ashamed of their “hot mess” selves. I hope their show tanks!

  • done and done

    isn’t it really ironic that two people that need a makeover the most are the ones that somehow believe they are fit for the job. oh, wait, they are aliens. so, all good. carry on.

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