ANTM Loser Chops It Up


We know a lot of you out there watch America’s Next Top Model, and we apologize for not giving it more coverage. But, to make it up to you, here’s the link to an AfterEllen interview with Megan Morris (pictured), the lesbian would-be model given the boot this week.

Megan and the labia loving ladies yak about how producers glossed over her lesbianic tendencies, what makes a good photograph, and what Megan’s been up to since leaving the show. Oh, and Megan also calls contestant Michelle out as a lesbian.

One particularly intriguing bit is that the straight ladies in the house seem very intrigued by lesbian sex. Morris remarks:

When I was talking to the other girls … they were like, “Hmm, you know, I’d probably try it if I wasn’t engaged.” It seemed like probably five out of the 13 girls are bi-curious!

A house full of sexually curious models? It’s a sapphic wet dream!