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Antoine Dodson Found A House to Hide A Husband In

Antoine Dodson, the gay 24-year-old viral video star from Alabama who has a local news broadcast and YouTube to thank for his fame, has earned enough cash from merch and sales of the Gregory Brothers’ auto-tuned track to find a new home in what’s hopefully rape-free neighborhood: “We found a house! … It’s for my whole family. And these are new houses that have just been built. … I still can’t believe [the sudden fame]. Even though my life is moving forward, it’s at a standstill in my mind. I’m like, ‘Wow! All of this is happening just off a news interview!’”

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  • Mike L.

    Good for him and his family, I swear that vid’s mix is my fave, so funny.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Living the American Dream. You’re doing it right.

  • TommyOC

    A couple weeks back, my friend and I are dancing our way to the last song at a Long Beach, CA dive bar, where the DJ was thumping some pretty nice dance tracks.

    The last song had everyone up and dancing. While most love the beat, I was listening to the lyrics, which made no sense… but when do trancy songs ever make sense, I thought?

    Then upon closer listening, the lyrics sounded familiar. Where had I heard this before?

    “Hide yo’ wife…” Oh….

    And then I started laughing. My friend still doesn’t understand.

  • Wicked Gay Blog

    Good for him! Everyone deserves a chance at a better life!!!

  • greenluv1322

    That’s so nice.

  • Hilarious

    I’m just glad Antoine immediately took control of the situation(the viral videos and unauthorized usage of his image for profit), made enough money to move his family, and has better opportunities available to him.

    Far more people were mocking him than genuinely showing concern over what happened to his sister.

    It’s a little irritating to see so many people pretending to care(like when it was “cool” to pretend Obama was the second coming of Jesus), but at least Antoine is now running the show rather than some internet trolls who set out to exploit someone they clearly saw as beneath them. He certainly got the last laugh.

  • Cam

    Antoine, put some money away, don’t get a house that is too expensive, make sure you can afford the payments, make sure you keep it! and congratulations!

  • JJ

    I freaking love this guy

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