Antoine Dodson Is YouTube’s Most-Watched Man Of The Year

It wasn’t a video about double rainbows or loving Justin Bieber. YouTube’s most-watched clip of 2010 belongs to gay cewebrity Antoine Dodson, whose Auto-Tune the News version of the “Bed Intruder Song” was the year’s most-seen footage at 60 million views. If this doesn’t get you to hide your husband, nothing will.

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  • RLS

    We can’t get any handsome, successful gay black men on A-List New York or anywhere else, but we can certainly have Antoine Dodson. Great.

  • Americans=Rightwingers (John From England)


    As is life. Which is why he was so popular-wouldn’t have happened if he was rational or not a stereotype! Come on?

  • TommyOC

    Queerty, your headline is misleading.

    He might be the most-watched CLIP, but he’s NOT the most watched MAN.

    That honor probably sits with the Old Spice guy, considering he racked up millions of views for each of his numerous viral Q&A vids.

    Or it could sit with Justin Beiber, since teenage girls will watch anything with his name on it nowadays…

  • jacknasty

    at least he got a nice chuck of change from the i-tunes sales to make up for his public embarrassment, and got to attend some award shows. Usually these poor kids just end up being mocked like that Star Wars light saber kid.

  • Tonic


    I know what you mean. However, I think that Dodson was revered more than anything since it was so refreshing seeing a someone real instead of the homogenized personalities that are usually forced upon us, so I don’t think he was embarassed at all.

    The Star Wars kid, god love him, was a much more…er…fragile…character.

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