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Antoine Dodson, Perhaps America’s First Sex Offender Pitchman

Having arrived in Los Angeles and already shopping around his own Halloween costume, it’s time Antoine Dodson moved beyond standard merch arrangements into the sweet spot of celebrity: endorsement deals. Which is what he’s got with the Sex Offender Tracker app, the perfect brand extension for a man who became famous for his anti-rapist advice.

So what’s this $1.99 app (for iPhones and Android devices) all about? Finding out where sex offenders live right in your neighborhood! Now of course this thing cannot track, in real time, the location of these sickos — though it sure feels like this ad is saying exactly that. But how much more fun will your walk through the park be with augmented reality (“It’s a technology“)? Now if only Antoine could point us to an app for GPS hunting hotties who are DTF. Oh, wait. [via]

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