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PHOTOS: Antonin Scalia Looking Smug & Rotten


It doesn’t take Rep. Barney Frank calling Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a “homophobe” for Queerty‘s readers to know the guy’s a bigot. In fact, Scalia is such a bigot, you can read the guy just by looking at him. Herewith, a compilation of Scalia at his most smug. (Keep in mind: In some of the photos, Scalia isn’t the focus, but rather appears in the background. Appears smugly in the background.)

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  • Dabq

    And you left out ugly, what a creepy looking, hate filled creature.

  • Chopsie

    A bloated, rancid turd…

  • andy

    I’m sorry but lawyers in General, not all, are rotten jerks mostly interested in money. I found this out during my first year in Law School and decided that the job wasn’t for me.

  • Bill

    I wish he would drop dead of a heart attack right now!

  • Michael Carlton

    I’d say he looks more constipated in most of these

  • flyerfier

    I second the constipated idea. He’s obviously touching cotton.

  • Bruno

    Who’s Silberman and president of what?

    Well, we’re stuck with this craphead…maybe he’ll do us a favor and drop spontaneously dead so Obama can put in a fair judge in his place.

  • Nick

    Not that I’m a fan of Scalia, but it’s wrong to state that “Scalia is such a bigot, you can read the guy just by looking at him.” It’s just as bad as someone proclaiming you can tell that “someone is such a homo, you can read the gay just by looking at him.” Let’s not continue to propagate sterotypes and judgement based on looks.

  • alan brickman

    no you shouldn’t use pictures justhis actions…allthough you should wonderif he has to pay for it…

  • PuddyKatz

    It’s sorta like if Archie Bunker was appointed to the Supreme Court.

  • Charli Girl

    This guy is a joke and HE knows he’s a loser and just trying to cover up his stinch!

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