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Anyone Furious Over Obama’s Selective Ignoring of Laws That Aren’t DADT?


George W. Bush did it. And now, so too is Barack Obama using “signing statements” to effectively ignore pieces of legislation passed by Congress. The president does so at his discretion, even though on the campaign trail Obama called Bush’s misguided interpretation of his constitutional rights “abuse.”

Recently, he issued a signing statement to ignore provisions about negotiations for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank; there have been 18 other uses.

Indeed, rather than insisting on a “legislative repeal” of the existing law, Obama just went about his business and ignored a law — passed, by our elected officials — because it was inconvenient. And yet, as the Palm Center points out: Obama will not do the same thing to provide LGBTs with their civil rights.

Some truths, like laws, are inconvenient.