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After apologizing for homophobic remarks, Tamar Braxton has another meltdown

Tamar Braxton may want to consider hiring a publicist to help do damage control over her recent homophobic meltdown on social media because she’s clearly not handling it well on her own.

Earlier this week, the singer came under fire after she issued a “public service announcement” on her Instagram Story warning all women that if their boyfriends “don’t touch” them in more than “3, 4, 10 days” then clearly they’re “gay” and “want a man.”

“Truth is ladies that these dudes out here really do be gay!” 42-year-old Braxton ranted. “It ain’t enough money, beauty, hair, babies in the world to keep them!! They want D**K!! Periodt!!”

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A backlash ensued, with many accusing Braxton of weaponizing homosexuality in an effort to mask her own insecurities, and the next day, she walked back the remarks, explaining that the tweet was inspired by a personal conversation she had had with some girlfriends and that she probably shouldn’t have tweeted about it.

The end…

…Or not.

After media outlets reported on Braxton’s followup statement, she became angry at one outlet in particular for saying she was “forced” to apologize.

A website called Celebrity Insider ran a headline that read: “Tamar Braxton Is Forced To Apologize After Being Accused Of Making These Anti-Gay Comments — Singer Also Defends BF David Adefeso.”

This apparently this set her off again because yesterday the singer took to Twitter to let it be known that nobody “forced” her to do anything. Also, she insisted she’s not homophobic and that she can prove it because her “entire staff” is LGBTQ. Or something.

“This is what we are NOT going to do. I wasn’t FORCED to apologize for ANYTHING!! Let’s state FACTS!! I have OPENLY been apart of the lgbt community since the 4th grade!My ENTIRE staff is as well!!And I will continue 2support. But I will also make FACTUAL statements about MY LIfE,” she tweeted.

She followed that up with a second tweet, writing: “So STOP with that BS!!! Find something else!!! PERIODT!! It’s Ridiculous to even accuse me of offending my friends, my staff and my close love ones!! I can speak out about my life!!! it is completely OFFENSIVE to me and the life I truly Live!! This stops NOW!!”

OK, so Braxton is now offended that people were offended by her initial remarks. Also, she may claim to be an LGBTQ ally “since the 4th grade,” but she doesn’t seem to have the record to show for it. Her only notable involvement in LGBTQ causes have been paid appearances at Pride events and a few guest judge spots on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Simply collecting a paycheck paid for with gay dollars does not an ally make.

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