Ancient grudges

Apparently, that 2007 Gawker article outing Peter Thiel still keeps him up at night

Hey,, Peter Thiel isn’t finished with you yet! The openly gay Silicon Valley billionaire/BFF to Donald Trump apparently still has an axe to grind with the now defunct media company he spent nearly a decade trying to destroy.

Just to recap: Gawker was forced to shut down last year after Thiel spent over $10 million to sue the company out of existence for outing him back in 2007. Even though the site is no longer producing new content, its 13-year body of work remains on the Internet.

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Washington Post reports: and its published stories were left behind as assets for future liquidation. That leaves the possibility that someone will buy the site’s archive, delete it and use copyright law to force the removal of any remaining copies online.

Well, guess who wants to buy the site’s archives?

This guy!

Last month, 50-year-old Thiel filed papers with the bankruptcy court complaining that the Gawker estate has “wrongly excluded” him from participating in the bidding process for the archives. And that’s totally not fair because he is obviously “the most able and logical purchaser,” court documents read.

At the same time, a group of former Gawker Media employees have launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising funds to bid on the archives so they can keep it away from “the person who drove the site into bankruptcy.” They hope to raise $500,000.

It’s unclear why Thiel is so interested in buying Gawker, a site he once lovingly referred to as “a singularly sociopathic bully.” Perhaps he has some sort of grand editorial strategy? Perhaps he wants to remove certain content? He hasn’t told anyone. Meanwhile, that 2007 story that outed him as gay remains online… for now.

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