Apparently Grindr Users Are Really Into Hillary Clinton

Grindr picCongratulations, kind of, to Hillary Clinton, who is probably not super-thrilled to be the recipient of Grindr‘s “Straight Ally of the Year” award.

Of course, any publicity is good publicity, but we imagine that her presidential campaign is probably not going to want to make a huge deal about receiving an award from an app mostly known for facilitating gay hookups.

Also winning Grindr awards were Lego (“best comeback”), X-Men: Days of Future Past (“best movie”) and money (“must-have holiday item”), so that tells you everything you need to know about that.

What makes Hillary such a great ally? Well, she supports marriage equality as of last year. Better late than never, right? And she spoke out for equality in 2011, which is nice. And she has a lot of gay friends. Sounds like a winner to us.

In other marriage-y news, South Carolina might have to reimburse some gay groups for having dragged out its marriage litigation for so long. And the governor of Arkansas is waving the white flag on marriage, and saying that he might consider civil unions. Ha! Nice try, but we’re getting marriage, Governor, and you get nothing.