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Apparently “half-night stands” are all the rage among millennials


You know when you go over to a guy’s place, do the hanky panky, and then leave before the sun comes up? Apparently there’s a new term for that, and it’s not called a “hookup” or a “quickie” or a “one night stand.” It’s called a “half-night stand,” and 20-somethings across the nation are embracing them like never before.

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Blogger Brittany Wong at Huff Post defines half-night stands as “an abbreviated version of the one-night stand,” where one sexual partner promptly makes their exit shortly after getting off instead of staying the entire night, thus avoiding the awkward morning after.

“I think there are two reasons millennials like myself are choosing to cut and run after hooking up,” Max DuBowy, a 26-year-old gay man living in Portland, tells Huff Post. “First, we live in a ‘swipe’ culture where it’s easy to hook up quick and move onto the next encounter.”

He continues, “Sex is sort of like ice cream, in that it comes in all kinds of flavors; Some evenings vanilla ice cream tastes good, but other nights, you’re really craving rocky road.”

That’s quite a metaphor!

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“We enjoy our time together but when it’s over, it’s over,” 32-year-old Nicole from Dallas says. “We both have demanding careers and insanely early mornings. Starting the day in my own bed–where I can race to my computer at 6 a.m., if necessary–is just easier for everyone involved.”

According to Bay Area sex therapist Celeste Hirschman, half-night stands are great because they people the freedom to hookup on their own terms.

“If you don’t want anything more than sex, what’s the point of staying overnight with a stranger?” she says. “It’s just easier to go home so you can sleep in your own comfortable bed, wake up, and start your day fresh.”

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“Sex is simply an activity,” DuBowy adds. “Love is intimate and deeper. It’s easier to move on after getting it on since love usually isn’t part of the experience until you’re in a committed relationship.”

Spoken like a true gay man.

“When I only wanted to get my jollies off, I felt satisfied and content after a half-night stand,” he continues. “But if I wanted to use sex to get my mind off feeling lonely, I felt lonelier after the hookup.”

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