Apple Censors Gay Comic On iPad, Leaves Heterosex and Boobs Untouched

No, it’s not a top-secret Pentagon document. What you’re looking at is Tom Bouden’s modern, ultra-gay take on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. You can buy it for your iPad, as long as you don’t mind Apple censoring it like crazy.

Meanwhile, Apple didn’t bother censoring the comic for Kick Ass which features a straight guy’s butt, a glimpse of his nuts, and his lover’s exposed tit. Check out the double-standard for yourself. It may get you to “Think Different” about Apple’s continued crusade against “porn.”

UPDATE: Well, it seems Apple is just choosy about which breasts it chooses to censor, like the ones that appear in a comic of James Joyce’s Ulysses? Verboten.

UPDATE: And Apple reverses course, approving the comic.

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