Apple CEO Tim Cook Lobbies For Equality, Says It’s Time To Pass ENDA

url-1These values have also recently guided us to support legislation that demands equality and non-discrimination for all employees, regardless of how they love. This legislation, known as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. I have long believed in this, and Apple has implemented protections for employees, even when the laws did not. Now is the time to write these principles of basic human dignity into the book of law.”


Apple CEO Tim Cook as he accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award from his alma mater Auburn University December 10 

H/t: MacRumors

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  • jimbryant

    Apple ITunes is not very gay-friendly in terms of the number of openly gay or bisexual men that are present in the ITunes Top 100 singles chart. There are none. Zero.

  • Deepdow

    Can’t wait till the day when it doesn’t take – just – the approval of a white man to make it OK.

    I respect this person, but on some level – I wonder …

  • Tyler100


    Rick, what are you blabbering on about now? Seriously you make less and less sense with every comment you post.

  • charwegl

    So glad my alma mater gave him this award. We hold it in very high esteem there. People may think bc AU is in the deep south, we are totally against gay rights, but it honestly has been one of the most inclusive atmospheres I’ve been around.

  • charwegl

    @jimbryant: You know that’s based on how many people listen to the songs and downloads right?

  • jimbryant


    Yes, that’s right. But how is an openly gay male singer going to get downloaded if he’s not going to be signed to a recording contract in the first place.

    The labels are extremely homophobic towards men in particuarl. They have a policy of not signing openly gay male talent.

  • AuntieChrist

    Ooh Girrl, Is he gay..? That Tim Cook is some serious sexy husband material…Judging from is body type I would say that he possesses a rather large-um-talent. wink wink…I bet he has a healthy bulge in his pocket book too.

  • charwegl

    @jimbryant: How is that the fault of Apple? They can’t force companies to sign gay artists.

  • tada-no

    Is he like a Richard Simmons, Ed Koch gay: out-but-closeted, workaholic public figures and perpetual bachelors never seen in gay hangouts or with suspected lovers?

  • JennyFromdabloc

    Tim Cook is a DILF and I’m glad he has spoken out in support of ENDA. Now let’s talk about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US.

  • i43neile

    So happy Tim Cook is doing everything to help.

    I guess he’s what you call a sticky rice queen.

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