Apple Quietly Agrees Manhattan Declaration’s Homophobic iPhone App Shouldn’t Be Downloadedd

Though Apple removes apps from its iTunes store merely for using the word “gay,” it had no problem approving “trann-ify your photo” title Peekaboo Tranny. Or Manhattan Declaration, an app that had users vote in a homophobic Christian survey and sign their names to the 4,700-word manifesto released this time last year. Apple has apparently reconsidered; it removed Manhattan Declaration over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Without a peep from Apple headquarters, the app, which was released Oct. 14, was surreptitiously removed amidst outrage from the gays. No official comment from the Cupertino company, but the deletion of the app should speak for itself.

“Christians love homosexuals, straight people, women who have had abortions, nuns and everyone else with equal dignity,” the group wrote in a blog post this week responding to the controversy. “But we also love God and our religious tradition above public approval and political correctness.” Funny, because if you answered the question “Do you support same-sex relationships?” with a “Yes,” the app told you the answer was incorrect.

Maybe Google’s Droid store will be more forgiving. Slash homophobic.