Apple Quietly Agrees Manhattan Declaration’s Homophobic iPhone App Shouldn’t Be Downloadedd

Though Apple removes apps from its iTunes store merely for using the word “gay,” it had no problem approving “trann-ify your photo” title Peekaboo Tranny. Or Manhattan Declaration, an app that had users vote in a homophobic Christian survey and sign their names to the 4,700-word manifesto released this time last year. Apple has apparently reconsidered; it removed Manhattan Declaration over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Without a peep from Apple headquarters, the app, which was released Oct. 14, was surreptitiously removed amidst outrage from the gays. No official comment from the Cupertino company, but the deletion of the app should speak for itself.

“Christians love homosexuals, straight people, women who have had abortions, nuns and everyone else with equal dignity,” the group wrote in a blog post this week responding to the controversy. “But we also love God and our religious tradition above public approval and political correctness.” Funny, because if you answered the question “Do you support same-sex relationships?” with a “Yes,” the app told you the answer was incorrect.

Maybe Google’s Droid store will be more forgiving. Slash homophobic.

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  • Michael @

    If LGBT rights were an Apple product would more people fight for them?


  • Bruce

    Michael, good to see you standing here in this photo. I very much appreciate your work in keeping hero Leonard Matlovich’s legacy alive.

    I once worked with you for a few weeks back in the mid-80’s though, unfortunately, we never really became acquainted. I am thrilled that you have worked so hard to keep the heroic legacy of Leonard Matlovich alive and have courageously done so much for LGBT civil rights. Your efforts touch the lives of so many people.

  • Michael @

    @Bruce: Thank you, Bruce; very kind of you to say. There’s no question in my mind that Leonard would have been there, too, were he still with us. I hope the intervening years have been good to you. Write me sometime and let’s catch up. May all your cups be full.

  • Andrew

    As far as corporations go, Apple is very Pro-Gay. They were one of the biggest donors to the No on 8 campaign and publically opposed it. Can we please move on to REAL Anti-Gay corporations?

  • Constatine

    @Andrew: I agree, let’s move on.

    The victim card is starting to become very worn out.

  • Michael @

    @ Andrew and Constatine: And the STUPID CARD wore out long ago.

    Try taking a “Reading for Comprehension” course, then you MIGHT get that my post was NOT a criticism of Apple but of pathological consumerism of whatever product, all the stories of people standing in line hours before stores opened Friday morning, some virtually stampeding to buy something vs. the few who are willing to do anything for equality.

    But, since YOU brought it up, let’s consider just how “big” Apple’s donation to No on 8 was relative to their income. In the quarter [that’s four months to you] preceding their donation of $100,000 they posted profits of $1.14 BILLION. While both Brad Pitt and Steven Speilberg are quite rich, they’re not THAT rich, and each gave $100,000 themselves. And Steve Bing gave $500,000.


  • Andrew

    @Michael @ If YOU had any ability to read YOURSELF. You’d realize my post wasn’t in anyway directed towards you. Great work on your site, but don’t jump to conclusions.

    In any case – the amount really doesn’t matter. They’re still a corporation, profit first, that’s capitalism for you. But the fact is that Apple PUBLICLY opposed Prop 8. As a corporation they didn’t at all have to do that and take a stand on an issue in which the country is still 50/50. Indeed, it probably could have hurt their sales. But they did. In order to stand up for their numerous LGBT employees.

    Is Apple some great Samaritan? No, they’re still a corporation for which money will always be King, but jeezus there are better members of big business to be targeting. Ones who actually point blank express CONTEMPT for our community.

  • SavageNation

    When rad lib promosexual activists start being tolerant of straights and the religious, then let’s talk…
    Otherwise, step off butch!

  • Andrew

    @SavageNation: When was the last time we pushed for votes to outlaw religion or marriage between two people of the opposite sex?

    Fail fallacy is fail.

  • Constatine

    Michael said: “of pathological consumerism of whatever product, all the stories of people standing in line hours before stores opened Friday morning, some virtually stampeding to buy something vs. the few who are willing to do anything for equality.”

    Basically, you do not like capitalism and somehow you are a Marxist and you want to tie that in with the gay movement.

    Sorry, I gave up on Mao and Lenin back in grad school.

  • Albert Mendonca

    Homosexuality is a sheer medical disorder. A blot on a civil society.

    As opposed to what the media says, true Christians are *NOT* hateful of homosexuals, never will be. A person with the slightest rooting of christian faith would recognize this. But yes they are a champion of morality, never mind the cost, and always will be.

  • Bareback Cuntessa

    @Albert Mendonca: And YOU, “sir”, are a waste of air, water and fuel.

    True Christians are idiots and sheep and do whatever their overlords– er, “religious leaders”– tell them to do. And they hate homosexuals and want LGBTQ folk dead. And we, in turn, turn the other cheek and go on making more of a positive contribution to the world than True Christians ever have.

    Kind of Christ-like, I’d say.

    True Christians should be treated for what they are. Delusional psychotics that listen to voices in their heads. Let’s just lock them up and get them away from society.

  • Bareback Cuntessa

    @SavageNation: Another right-wing closet case trolling LGBTQ sites trying to deny his throbbing desire for someone to shove a hot, huge cock up his yearning, gaping ass.

    Stupid cowardly fuck.

    When your intellectual leader is an obviously insane mental retard who turned himself into a raving asshole homophobe to cover up his hot gay past with Allen Ginsburg of all people, the result is a dipshit like “SavageNation”.

    Some straight people should be neutered and sent off to the loonie bin.

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