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AR Sen. Mark Pryor Won’t Support Repealing DADT Because Being Gay Sends You To Hell

Though Sen. Joe Lieberman remains uber confident he’s got sixty votes to push through a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, let’s add a hard Democratic no to that list right next to McCain and Graham: Arkansas’s Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor, who’s now telling reporters he supports repeal and that homosexuality is a sin.

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  • Ted

    The state abbreviation for Arkansas is AR not AK, that would be ALASKA!!!!!

  • Cam

    I’m bored with these people governing only by their religeon. If that is what they are going to do, then why bother to elect people at all? Just have one high religeous leader like Iran does who examines all laws proposed to see how they fit with his interpretation of the Koran. Because that is EXACTLY what this Senator is trying to do.

    Oh, and lastly, does he wear clothing of mixed fibers? Eat pork, shellfish, etc… because if he isn’t following ALL of the strictures of the Bible I find it interesting that he picked out only the bigoted sections to support.

  • JoeB

    Pryor is a (D) not a (R)

  • Danny

    Exodus 35:2 says working on the Sabbath is punishable by death, no exceptions. The U.S. military works on the Sabbath every week because using religion to dictate anything is assinine. The Senator is a hypocrite (as a politician he gets paid to work on the Sabbath, too so he should step down if preventing “sinning” is his great concern), an idiot and a bigot trying to disguise prejudice as morality.

  • tjr101

    With “Democrats” like this who needs Republicans.

  • Tom Sawyer

    If I am still living in Arkansas in 2014, I will be running against Mark Pryor in the General Election.

    I am a far-left liberal.

    I am just a regular working individual.

    I live paycheck to paycheck.

    I don’t have any ties to lobbyists, or any large corporation.

    I went to college, but did not get a chance to finish as I needed to work to live.

    I will need signatures to get on the ballot.

    Who wants to help?

  • AndrewW

    What happened? Those thousands of emails, callas and faxes didn’t change his mind? The silly protests didn’t change his mind? HRC lobbying didn’t change his mind?

    Remind me why we waste so much time and money believing we can change votes in the US Senate – WE NEVER HAVE.

  • Kendall

    @AndrewW: It’s simple – we didn’t try hard enough. Senator Pryor would change his mind with 1 million calls or emails. It’s our fault.

    We need to give more money to Gay Inc. so they can keep reminding us that when we lose it’s our fault. They work hard for us, but we don;t work hard enough. This Holiday season please give more money to HRC, SLDN, Task Force, GLAAD, GetEQUAL and all the other organizations. They are our only hope.

  • jason

    Mark Pryor is a vile Democrat who may have had same-sex experiences in his own life. It’s quite possible in the sense that personal homosexual feelings cause a revulsion towards one inner self in those who have been indoctrinated against it.

  • ron#1

    @jason: I agree with you. He looks like he’s a pig bottom.

  • Andy

    Where’s the Hell for idiots? Arkansas.

  • Andrew

    What. The. Fuck. THIS is a guy with a 90% rating from HRC? So much for that!

  • Bruno

    Overnightlike, 90% HRC rated Pryor is now a religious right evangelical? You don’t say. I wonder if this has anything to do with his 2012 run for re-election in a state full of pig-fucking evangelical morons?

  • Tom Sawyer

    @Bruno (#13)

    Pryor does not run for re-election until 2014. The Senators have 6 year terms, and he was elected in 2008. So we’re stuck with him until at least then.

    See my comment above (#6)

    Tom Sawyer
    Straight Ally
    Fayetteville, AR

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