Archbishop Dolan’s Appearance At GOP Convention Proves Hating Gays Trumps Loving The Poor

In case you had any doubt about what party the Catholic hierarchy favors, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan has settled the issue once and for all. Dolan is going to be giving the final blessing at the Republican presidential convention in Tampa next week, proving that GOP stands for God’s Own Party.

“Cardinal Dolan is going to pray, not to engage in partisan politics,” New York Archdiocese spokesman Joseph Zwilling said. “He made it clear when he accepted the invitation that he would also accept an invitation from the Democratic National Committee to offer a prayer at their convention, should they ask. He is going simply to pray, which is part of what a priest should do.”

Somehow we picture tears streaming down Zwilling’s cheeks as he held back the gales of laughter that such a statement had to provoke. As a reminder, 43 Catholic groups are suing the Obama Administration for including contraception in health-care coverage requirements for their employees.

The GOP has been quick to embrace Catholic bishops’ crusade to restore “religious liberty”—code for putting gays and women in their place. While they did criticize Paul Ryan’s budget as unfair to the poor, the bishops have clearly decided that protecting their own power is a higher priority than protecting the neediest in society. Also, Dolan and Ryan are friends from when Dolan was bishop of Milwaukee. Look for the bishops to start replacing the altar linens with “Romney for President” banners at Mass next Sunday.

Photo: Photo Action USA