Archbishop Proclaims Gay People Don’t Want Gay Marriage Based On Conversation With Some Guy

RicahrdClarkeI have this friend — an Indian guy — who likes Italian food, but isn’t fond of lasagna. He’s all for it in theory — cheese, noodles, sauce, great — but it’s it just isn’t for him. This leads me to believe that the majority of Indian people don’t care for lasagna. Which seems pretty sound.

That’s essentially the argument that the head of the Church of Ireland, the Archbishop of Armagh Richard Clark, is making against gay marriage.

See, he knows this gay couple in England. They have a civil union, and aren’t interested in marriage.

“They have been together for 40 years and are in civil partnership but don’t like the nomenclature of marriage” he said. I can understand that. They would have said when I was with Linda, ‘You two are married, we are not married’ – they can understand the difference between equality and equivalence.”

Well, I’m convinced, I don’t know about you. Guess we can finally shut the book on this one.

Or perhaps more likely Mr. Clark can’t quite grasp the difference between idiocy and tradition.