Archbishop Stands By His Gay Man

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has yet to decide whether or not he’ll invite openly gay Archbishop Gene Robinson to the Anglican Communion’s September conference, but his unorthodox actions are definitely bolstering the religion’s left.

California bishop Marc Andrus (pictured) has released a statement expressing his staunch solidarity with Robinson:

I will be seeking to learn how I can best be in solidarity with Bishop Robinson, through prayerful action.

The tactic of isolation and exile being employed against Bishop Robinson is retrogressive behavior that moves us towards a past from which Christ is always seeking to redeem us. I ask the people of the Diocese of California to pray with me about our common life with all of God’s people and the earth.

Andrus has also invited Nigeria’s premier gay activist, Davis Mac-Illya to march in San Francisco’s gay pride parade. Mac-Illya has been a tireless voice in the battle against Nigeria’s Archbishop, Peter Akinola.

Akinola leads the queer-hating crusade to control America’s conservative Episcopal churches, which has successfully wooed a number of Virginia-based churches, including Bishop Martyn Minns’ congregation.

Minns, meanwhile, will not be invited to September’s festivities.