Archie’s Comic Book Pals Get Gayer (And Darker) Than Ever

Forget the gay character in the Archie comic book—Riverdale High has a closet full of secrets ready to burn the school down. Not only does this fictional trailer feature two-timing Archie, his envious rival Reggie, and steroid-addicted Moose, it also explains why Jughead binge eats and just how heated Betty and Veronica’s romantic rivalry can get. Your childhood comics just grew up and developed serious self-esteem issues. [via]

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  • Miss Understood

    Ronnie is short for Veronica. His rival is Reggie.

  • Cam

    LOL! I can’t believe that made Archie darker than any “Dark” movie out in the last decade.

  • scott ny'er

    wow. someone actually went to a lot of trouble to make this. And it looks GREAT!!! I would pay to see this. :)

  • sam

    is it wrong i so wanna see this movie? >_> hahaha if only

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