Archie Andrews’ Gay Pal, Kevin Keller, Starts Dating

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.32.43 PMBlond-haired, blue-eyed Kevin Keller was introduced some years back as Archie Andrews’ new openly gay friend—a first for Archie Comics.

Since then, we’ve seen Kevin rise in popularity and even get his own comic book. Now it appears Keller is finally ready for love.

In the new issue of Kevin Keller, drawn and written by Dan Parent, readers find out Riverdale’s resident gay has started dating someone—maybe.

In a preview posted by Newsarama, Veronica gets Kevin to admit he’s spending quality time with a guy, but he doesn’t want her to blab about it until he knows it’s going somewhere (Oh, we’ve been there!):

“Decisions, Decisions!” – Where’s Kevin? Archie and the gang haven’t seen him in a while and begin to wonder what their pal is up to. Must be school obligations and work, right? Nosy BFF Veronica is determined to get to the bottom of his absence and spots him with a new friend.

However, Kevin seems distant about his new friendship and when his parents inquire, Kevin is reluctant to share.  Is this just a friend?  Has Kevin found a boyfriend?  Has Veronica finally driven him up a wall?  Find out in this issue!

Kevin was shown getting married in a possible-future scenario in Life with Archie, but we think this is the first love interest he’s gotten in normal Archie continuity. (If that’s where the story is going, anyway.)

Pick up Kevin Keller Number 7 on Wednesday to find out who the lucky guy is. We’re putting our money on Jughead.