Are Atlanta’s News Stations Going Too Far To Interview Eddie Long’s Accusers?

A second man accusing Pastor Eddie Long of sexual misconduct has given an interview to reporters. But wait, what’s this: Are local journalists ambushing these men as they go about their private lives?

Yesterday we heard from Jamal Parris, who spoke to Fox 5 Atlanta. And above is an interview with Spencer LeGrande, the fourth man to come forward with a lawsuit, speaking “exclusively” to WSB-TV Channel 2. Except Parris was reportedly hunted down in a grocery store parking lot by “Senior I-Team Reporter” Dale Russell, who traveled to Colorado, where Parris now lives, for the segment.

As for LeGrande? It appears WSB-TV, based in Atlanta, went right to his front door in Charlotte, North Carolina so “Channel 2 investigative reporter” Jodie Fleischer could talk “exclusively” to him.

And while we did get some new news — LeGrande says he only came forward after hearing the other three men were also accusing Long — there’s a difference between tracking down alleged sexual abuse victims and getting them on camera and, say, trying to interview an elected official who refuses to sit down.