Are Bisexuals Slowly Killing Off The White Race?

ie384-077A concerned listener called into a U.K. radio program this week to voice his mounting frustrations over bisexuals and the impact they are having on the white race.

22-year-old “Joshua” phoned into Cristo Foufas’s talk radio program to discuss the topic of anal sex and HIV. He claimed that gay people are responsible for “educating” straight people into partaking in same-sex relationships.

But not just that. Bisexuals, Joshua said, are sleeping with straight people and “[HIV] is being spread onto the straight community and it is killing the white race!”

When asked to explain himself, Joshua said that HIV is “nature’s way of pointing out that homosexuality is wrong” because anal sex “is not natural sex!”

Foufas pushed back. He asked Joshua why, if HIV is nature’s way of eradicating gay people, do straight also contract the virus? To which Joshua replied: “Because of bisexual people!”

“HIV is predominantly affecting white people now,” Joshua continued. “Because it is killing people in this country. It is slightly unacceptable.”

Just slightly?

“If we had laws to deal with it,” Joshua continued, “we wouldn’t have to spend thousands of pounds dealing with this.”

What kind of laws, you ask?

First, Joshua said, homosexuality should be made illegal. And while lawmakers are at it, they should also make black people illegal, too.

“I believe that Europe is a white domain,” Joshua boasted. “It belongs to white people.”

When Foufas then asked Joshua if he wanted to grab a drink and “talk about his obsession with anal sex,” the 22-year-old replied: “You can keep your drink!” Then he hung up the phone.