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Are Carrie Prejean’s Parents Gay?


Repressed feelings toward her parents are to blame! TMZ: Carrie’s parents filed for divorce in 1988 and the divorce and custody fights went on for more than a decade — it was a divorce filled with homosexual allegations hurled by both sides. In one of the docs, Carrie’s dad describes a confrontation he had with her mom in 1996, in which he recounts an argument in a restaurant parking lot, where ‘Ms. Prejean accused me, in front of our daughter, of homosexuality.’ The papers also quote a court-appointed doctor who said ‘The mother questioned [within hearing of the girls] whether [her father] was a homosexual or had a homosexual roommate.’ Carrie’s mom says the ‘gay’ allegations went both ways. In court papers dated May 16, 2000, a report from the court-appointed counselor says ‘The mother also alleges the father told the girls their stepfather was gay, that all men with mustaches are gay.’ The father’s response: ‘The father acknowledges talking with the girls about the stepfather’s brother being gay, not the stepfather.'”