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Are Davey Wavey’s Nipples 2 of His 5 Roadblocks to Success?

ZOMG Davey Wavey kept his shirt on for over five whole minutes! The vlogger, who was just on the receiving end of a YouTube feud, is no stranger to motivational speaking. And as he just revealed today, he now wants to be your life coach.

No, seriously.

With motivational speaker David Hood, Davey’s “blog buddies” are invited (to pay $22.95) to attend a web seminar called “The 15 Secrets to Inner & Outer Success.” That’s 10 more secrets than he just gave you! We don’t have a copy of the agenda, but we’re guessing having frank discussion about anal sex are on the list.

If you “attend” this thing, we want a full report. Oh, and an explanation why you bought in.