Documents show ugly divide...

Are DNC’s Black Leaders Anti-Gay?

Internal emails indicate a race-based culture war within the Democratic National Committee.

The game playing DNC finds itself in even more scandal this fine Thursday. The Washington Blade published an email exchange in which an unidentified National Stonewall Democrat rails against Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry (pictured) for her “bigotry”. The email, sent to Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council leader Brian Bond, reads: “Imagine what [DNC Chair Howard] Dean could do if people like Leah were confronted for their bigotry and fired.”

The stink began in 2006, when Alabaman lesbian politician Patricia Todd won the Democratic primary in a race for a House seat. Alabama Democratic Conference’s black Chair Joe Reed allegedly tried to block Todd’s nomination, but ended up being overruled. Reed’s opposition, however, highlights growing tensions within the DNC body:

The initial e-mail written by the Stonewall Democrats official on Aug. 26, 2006, says, “Just a quick update … Patricia Todd has won in Alabama. The Alabama Democratic Party threw out the challenge by her opponent about 20 minutes ago.”

Bond replied to the Stonewall Democrats official’s e-mail in a message sent about 30 minutes later.

“Told you it would work out. Although I was getting nervous. This is the exact reason why we need greater glbt rep on state committees and more people of color representing the glbt community.”

The Stonewall Democrats official replied to Bond, taking issue with his phrasing.

“It didn’t exactly ‘work out.’ We — and especially the [Gay & Lesbian] Victory Fund — spent MUCH time working on this. That being said, the party only narrowly upheld Patricia’s victory with Dr. Reed walking up and down the aisle standing directly in front of each person and staring them in the face as they did.

“The party needs to shun the divisive politics of people like Dr. Reed, and yes Leah Daughtry, whose only loyalty are to themselves and not the Democratic Party or the American Family. They are a cancerous sore who have ailed our operations for too long.”

Governor Dean defended pentecostal minister Daughtry, writing:

Anyone who truly knows Leah and her values appreciates her deep commitment to fighting for fairness and equality for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, and any insinuation otherwise is irresponsible and despicable.

Some accuse Daughtry of despicable behavior – homophobia.

Longtime Democratic operative Donna Brazile’s name also comes up. Brian Bond, who testified this week in the ongoing discrimination lawsuit filed by Donald Hitchcock, contradicted official DNC reports by saying that Brazile opposed a mandatory amount of LGBT delegates for the 2008 national convention.

Bond is asked whether Democratic Party strategist Donna Brazile opposes mandatory counts for gay and lesbian delegates to the 2008 convention.

Bond says Brazile opposed such requirements for gay delegates, but supported voluntary goals.

“She did not have a problem with numerical goals on this,” he says in the transcript. “She did have problems with it being included in sanction language, legal language, whatever, of affirmative action, as best I understand.”

Bond’s testimony appears to contradict 2006 reports in the Blade and elsewhere about Brazile’s position.

This is but the beginning in what will no doubt be a gruesome discovery process.

If you’re just joining the fun, we suggest you catch up with our handy “Who’s Who in the DNC Discrimination Suit”.

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  • trent

    Just wait. The self-loathing partisan idiots will pop up to defend this shit. They always do.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    This country needs “Town Hall” meetings between Gays of all Colors and the Black Straight Community as Karl Rove must be laughing at his fiendish plot of pitching 2 Democratic major voting blocks against each other and against the Democratic nominee. With Obama on the ticket (Top or Bottom), it would be easier to subvert the process of nominating with covert Gay delegates (especially People of Color) and leave our Rainbow flags for the peaceniks for the sake of electing the most pro-gay President. DNC Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry could well be a deeply closeted lesbian as thay are the only straights so obsessed with us as history and psychoanalysis proves. We have had too many election cycles of “Smears, Queers and Fear” and it would be nice to take a ringside seat and actually win the White House and eliminate the Democrat identified homophobes through lobbying efforts. i know that it seems so Mattachine Society versus Stonewall but Our planet can’t wait.

  • Jeremy Bernard

    The article does not mention that there are a record number of appointments to the standing committees and more glbt staff at the DNC than ever. This is in no small part thanks to both Leah Daughtry and Governor Dean. I’m somewhat suspicious of “unidentified National Stonewall Democrat” and how these items “leak” out in the midst of this suit. Hillary and Barack have nothing on throwing mud compared to this. Let’s hope it is not spreading throughout the party. Race bating, accusations not based on fact but rather to win at any price, even if it means destroying someone’s reputation….well maybe it has spread. What a great victory for Republicans.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Democrats are 18% ahead of ANY Republican running. Wise people know that it is likely to be a joint Hillary-Barack ticket. The battle is for who’s on Top!

  • chadnnocal

    We need to make a HUGE stink with the DNC. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THE DNC TO USE OUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO PAY FOR ANTI-GAY RIGHTS. Send them a check in any amount with the word VOID due to Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry’s hatred of GLBT AMERICANS.

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