Are Florida’s Anti-Gay Activists Breaking The Law?

Haha! Florida’s social conservatives may have a bit of legal trouble ahead of them.

Progressive activists today filed an elections complaint claiming the Florida4Marriage campaign, which is working to define the state’s marriages as between a man and a woman, has been misappropriating funds to further its illiberal cause:

Florida Red & Blue, a bipartisan organization running the SayNo2 campaign, announced details of the complaint during a conference call with reporters.

The group contends that the sponsor of Amendment 2, Florida4Marriage, is funneling donations made to a non-profit corporation into the political committee to pay for political advertisements, such as TV commercials.

The non-profit, Florida Family Action, is not disclosing its donors or expenditures, which is a violation of state campaign finance laws, said Alicia Apfel, an attorney for Florida Red & Blue.

”The rule under the state statute prohibits any donor from making contributions through another party, directly or indirectly,” Apfel said.

The group has also requested criminal investigations by state attorneys in Leon, Orange, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, where legal violations may have occurred.

Florida4Marriage activists call the investigation “frivolous.” Of course they do…