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Are Gay Video Gamers Predisposed to Becoming Everybody’s Bitch?

As a non-gamer I won’t even try to pretend I understand all the ins and outs (and lingo) of MMORPGs, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games. But apparently there’s a stereotype that gay gamers are always volunteer for passive roles in these games. Is it accurate?

Based on anecdotal and unscientific evidence, yes! Gay Nerds crunches some numbers for World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI, where players group themselves into various “guilds” in competition, and finds the gays often choose characters that fall into the realm of priests, healers, and buffers (!), whose job it is to help other players recover their life force. I’m not sure how they do this, but “buffer” makes me think of one thing only.

Not only that, but The Gays love choosing characters that’d be most apt to get some ass: “Interesting thing to note, that gay people had a large bias for the Blood Elf race [in Warcraft] when compared to the overall percentage worldwide. There’s also a slight bias towards Tauren. I believe that this is because Blood Elves is the prettiest/most human looking race and the Tauren is one of the most empathetic/kinder looking races (relatively at least compared to Orcs, Trolls and Undead). Does this mean gay people are more superficial than average or do we pick according to whom we can empathize better with?”

These things are not mutually exclusive, yah?

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