Are Hookup Apps Good Or Bad For Dating?


Okay, gays, weigh in: is it possible to find a long-term relationship on a dating app? We always thought so (and some of our friends seem to bear that out), but maybe we’re naive. Are Grindr and Scruff only good for hookups?

We ask because lately there’s been a little buzz around a newish app called Mench’d (iPhone only) that purports to be “the first dating app that is exclusively for gay men.” Hahaha, what? Well, apparently, the creator of Mench’d feels that other dating apps are too much about being “playful” and not enough about “love.”

Also, this guy goes by the name “Justin Maxx,” so make of that what you will. Here is his Twitter account, from which you will quickly learn everything you need to know about him.

We took the app for a test drive, and found that it had no crashes or major bugs, which is something, we guess. You answer a limited handful of questions, and then the app matches you will people who answered similarly. You might ask, “how is this different from OkCupid, which has been doing this for years, and has a huge user base, and lots more questions and tools?” Yes, you might ask that. You might ask that indeed.

Mench’d might one day have more users, more questions and more features. Until then, you can safely stick with Scruff, or Adam4Adam, or GuySpy, or Bendr, or VGL, or Gayvox, or Maleforce, or OkCupid, or Zoosk, or Grindr, or BoyAhoy, or GayPark, or Skout, or Jack’d, or Hardline, or Hornet, or u4Bear, or Stagg, or Atraf, or Mister. There are a lot of apps already in this space, is the point.

According to Justin Maxx, if that is his name, “At the end of the day, we are all looking for a best friend and a life partner,” which no we are all not. Some of us are looking for sex. You’d think that someone with two Xs in his name would be a little less eager to marginalize sex and kink.

But we’re willing to accept that lots of us are, indeed, looking for long-term relationships. Mench’d obviously isn’t the answer to that, but is it possible that its more polished competitors are?

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