finger pointing

Are Israeli Police Trying to Pin the Tel Aviv Youth Center Shooting On Haim Pearlman?

Haim Pearlman, the 29-year-old right-wing zealot dubbed the “Jewish terrorist” in press reports and arrested many times before, says the Israeli state police known as Shin Bet are trying to frame him for stabbing four people in the 1990s, including two Palestinians, as well last year’s Tel Aviv gay youth center shooting, all of which landed him in jail in July. Released into house arrest because of insufficient evidence, Pearlman is now speaking about his detainment by authorities, who he claims called his wife a “whore” and intimated they didn’t care whether he was guilty or not, supposedly telling him, “You’ll sit in prison, we’ll come in, and you’ll admit to everything even if you didn’t do it… In such a state you’ll admit to the murder of Arlozorov.” So that sounds like the case is solved.