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Are Rosie O’Donnell And Tatum O’Neal Dating?

tatumFor Tatum O’Neal, everything’s coming up Rosie — at least according to the Daily Mail. The UK publication has reported that the Academy Award-winning actress has been quietly dating Rosie O’Donnell.

The article quotes an unnamed source close to O’Neal as stating that the two have been together for nearly two months. Tatum, who has battled substance abuse issues in the past, revealed earlier this year that she began dating women. She recently elaborated on how being drug-free has affected her love life by stating, “Now I’m clean and aware and alive and interested in the world, saying, ‘Dating women is exciting to me, and this is turning me on.’”

In addition to its anonymous source, Daily Mail also reported that the two women attended a performance together of the Broadway musical Hamilton back in August. Of course, when adhering to an outdated stereotypical template, musical theater outings between two people of the same-sex almost always translate to dating. The article also noted that the two women regularly retweet each other. If that doesn’t satisfy the skeptics then nothing will, because as we all know, a relationship isn’t real unless it plays out on social media.

It’s been a rough year for O’Donnell. After separating from her second wife and another abrupt departure from The View, the talk show host’s daughter Chelsea went missing for a few days in August. A week later, she was found with a man she met through the social networking app Tinder; however, the reunion was short-lived. Chelsea moved to Wisconsin to reunite with her biological mother shortly after her 18th birthday. Rosie has also had to deal with the death of her father, who passed away last month.

While O’Neal’s rep has not issued a response regarding the coupling, O’Donnell’s spokesperson has denied the story stating, “They’ve been friends for several years since they met in Chicago when Rosie did a show for OWN and Tatum did a docu-series for OWN.”

In case anyone was curious, Tatum tweeted Rosie’s denial of their rumored romance.