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Are Target’s Exclusive CD Deals With Taylor Swift An Invitation to Pirate Them?

Target will be the exclusive retailer of Taylor Swift’s deluxe version of her third studio album Speak Now “that features three new music tracks, three remixed music tracks, and 30 minutes of video content,” as well as the deluxe version of Trey Songz’s fourth studio record Passion, Pain & Pleasure “that includes four additional live tracks and 30 minutes of video content,” the company announced via press release. So stick that in your favorite Bittorrent client and smoke it.

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  • jason

    Whether it’s at Target or Wal Mart, it’ll be middle-of-the-road mush either way. Taylor Swift = barf music.

  • Mr. Neo

    Barf music is spot on, which in the modern musical age ranks it as a best-selling work of art.

  • Devon

    Even if torrented that album I’d still feel ripped off.

  • Marcus M.

    1 melody for the price of 14.

  • Eryn

    u can buy all target Exclusive CD’s on ITUNES FACT CHECK!!!!!

  • Nick

    and target has been doing exclusive CD’s forever

  • UMB

    This just in, Queerty holds grudge, then acts like a 14-year-old girl.

    What, no knock on HRC in this article?

  • Allen D.

    They’re just advising people to pirate it. And yes, given what Target did — there still should be grudges. Fuck Target.

  • Mike

    Why would I do that to my ear drums?

  • Joe

    Um… Taylor Swift is awesome. Didn’t know crappy artists won grammy awards.

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