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Are The Gays Publishing These Bigots’ Books Terrible People?

The stylist who keeps Ann Coulter’s hair follicles from revolting against their host is probably a gay. And there’s a least one homo camera guy helping The O’Reilly Factor go live every evening. Hell, even Bill Donohue has gotten a shoe shine from one of us before. Yes, the gays are involved in propping up the lives of those who hate us. But there are perhaps fewer homos directly involving in giving bigots a platform, and a serious cash windfall, than the editors behind their best-selling books.

Like Mitchell Ivers, the gay editor at Simon & Schuster, who helped guide Young America’s Foundation chief Jason Mattera’s book from outline to bookstore. Yes, that’s the same Mattera that said this crap at CPAC:

So how do these gay folks sleep at night knowing they’re helping anti-gay rhetoric flourish in America? With cash, of course. Gay City News‘ Duncan Osbourne delves into this ethics quandary.

Some of these authors, such as Mattera, Levin, and Beck, do not dwell on anti-gay themes in their books, but Henry E. Scott, a media consultant and former president of Out, a gay magazine, said these editors are advancing the careers of conservatives who have a generally odious message. “If I were a book publisher, I would feel a sort of moral obligation to publish reasoned arguments from all comers,” Scott said. “I wouldn’t feel any obligation to publish political screeds.” Scott brought this story to Gay City News in a 2009 email in which he called Ivers and Spain “the Roy Cohns of gay life.” Cohn, an attorney and closeted gay man, aided Republican Joseph McCarthy, a US senator from Wisconsin, in his 1950s witch-hunts of communists and homosexuals in the federal government.

[…] These editors are in it for the cash, he argued. “It’s a buck, it’s all about making money,” Scott said. “One has a right to make money, but one also has to accept being called a hypocrite.”

Karl Frisch, a contributor at Media Matters for America, a left-leaning media watchdog group, agreed. “It seems that some people, whether it’s LGBT employees at Fox News or other News Corp. outlets or people at other publishing outlets, value their paychecks more than they value being treated with simple human dignity,” Frisch said.

We have a feeling how this conversation is going to go, but let’s do it: Do gays have some moral responsibility not to earn a living by trafficking in hatred? Or are they just doing their jobs? The old adage that gays (and Jews) run the media isn’t without merit. And as such, aren’t we in a position to squelch some of this crap?

Of course. But that would get in the way of paying for our fabulous new sub-zero fridge and stainless steel appliances. Oh, did you see our new wine cellar?!