Are These Two The Most Disgusting Gays Imaginable?

There are awful, horrible, disgustingly narcissistic gay people everywhere, but some of the worst are definitely found in Los Angeles. For example, take the two monstrosities portrayed with knowing authenticity by comic actors Drew Droege and Jordan Firstman in the appropriately titled film The Disgustings.

Firstman, who wrote and directed the comedy short, told Queerty that he found inspiration by merely stepping outside of his L.A. apartment.

“The disgustings are all around and they do not hide,” he said. “In some ways, we are all the disgustings. I wanted to make a film about flawed and insecure people that are really hurting. I think we often see ‘bitchy’ characters, but we rarely get to see their pain.”

Firstman’s 12-minute short has played numerous film fests around the country and he revealed that it was his intention to make audiences both cringe and relate at the same time.

“We have all complained about service at a restaurant or made fun of the seemingly happy yoga girl and while sometimes that’s okay, I think it’s important to try to figure out where that negativity comes from,” he added. “This film was an apology on behalf of the worst parts of my personality. So yeah, I wanted to do all of that and still make it funny.”

Prepare to get thoroughly disgusted below.

The Disgustings from jordan firstman on Vimeo.