cleve jones

Are We Less Concerned About Fighting AIDS Because It’s Become An Issue For … Blacks?


SOUNDBITES — “Part of it for my generation, I could see it in the eyes of the audience last night. It just brings back such horrible memories. I’ve lived for 10 years with the knowledge that I had the virus in my body before the treatment was available. Some folks just can’t deal. But we really have to acknowledge that the depths of commitment is not there. It’s not what we saw in the past. I hate having to say this, but I think it’s a racial issue. The infections have become more prevalent among communities of color. The face of AIDS is always changing and more complicated than showed by the media. Many are young people of color and they tend to be poor. There’s a regrettable reality and much less solidarity from the community. And it saddens me.” — Activist and National Equality March organizer Cleve Jones on whether “men of his generation” have abandoned the fight against AIDS