Are You A Reality-Star Blonde With A Broken Marriage? Claim Your Husband Was Bisexual

As all of America has learned, Russell Armstrong—devoted husband to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cuckoo Taylor Armstrong—committed suicide on Monday night. And according to, it was his fear that his secret gay life would be revealed in a tell-all book that pushed him take his own life.

According to sources close to the 47-year-old, he was bisexual and worried that a tell-all book was going to out him, along with Taylor.

“About six months ago Taylor confided in a close friend that she’d found history for a gay website called on Russell’s laptop,” the insider told

“He was also spending a lot of time at the gym, but his body wasn’t changing, which she claims led her to believe he was meeting with men he’d met off the website and not spending time working out as he claimed.”

The insider also tells that when Russell was approached for comment about the impending tell-all book, it included great detail about what he liked in the bedroom.

While the article doesn’t say exactly who was writing said tell-all, signs point to Taylor. Her and Russell’s marriage was breaking up and she’d already accused him of physical abuse. Like all reality TV stars Taylor was a serious fame whore, so a tell-all seems like the logical next step. Besides, who’d want to read a book about the sexual indiscretions of a paunchy, middle-aged man unless it was part of his gold-digging “celebrity” wife’s larger memoir?

And speaking of gold-digging blonde bimbo wives, Linda Hogan is on the publicity trail with her new memoir, Surviving The Hulk, and teased that her hubby, Hulk Hogan, might’ve gotten into the ring with another wrestler. (We haven’t read the book to see if she goes into any more detail.)

Is there something in the water? Or is being the trophy wife to a powerful man and then dishing about his gay side once the marriage collapses some new how-to-have-it-all blueprint from Cosmopolitan? Taylor’s co-star Camille Grammer accused her TV star husband, Kelsey, of being light in the loafers (and cross-dressing) when their relationship ended. And back in 2007 Dina Matos McGreevey wrote her salacious tell-all, Silent Partner, after her ex, former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, came out. It’s like Grammy always said, “Never trust a blonde with a killer rack.”

A man is dead—and that’s a tragedy no matter who it is. Was his alleged bisexuality a factor? Who knows—and honestly who cares? Will it mean Bravo will pull the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Not likely—these shows are hardly known for treading lightly with sensitive material.

If anything, it’ll guarantee there’s a Season Three.


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  • slanty

    “Her and Russell’s marriage was breaking up and she’d already accused him of physical abuse.”

    God Almighty. Just like a dumb blonde to say that a wife beater is gay.

  • Pete n SFO

    Every time I see her lips, I think I’d kill myself too!

    It’s hard to have sympathy for the down-low in this day and age; still every pain is personal & takin’ yourself out, is always the wrong answer.

  • chrissie riot

    The Real Housewives, classy as usual!

    Honestly though, how sad is it that we still live in a society where it’s THAT important to be straight?

  • ?????

    So, he was married to Amanda Lepore? Perhaps suicide WAS the only option.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Dan, did you watch the first season of this show? What exactly about Taylor was “cuckoo”? You also call her a gold-digging fame whore. Is this because she agreed to be on the show? What has she done to indicate to you that she is a gold-digger? Had it occurred to you that she might not be an awful person and that she might actually be a kind person?

  • Justin

    Reality star cast member pretty much = famewhore and possible sociopath, I should think.

  • Mav

    Have to say, if that’s him in the picture he sets my gaydar a-pingin’.

  • jj

    @Eminent Victorian: are you blind. Taylor is the craziest of all the housewives in any city. She spends 50,000 on a 5 years olds bday party knowing shes broke to impress the other ladies and viewers. She lies on national tv and tells everyone that adrienne is kennedys godmother. She attacks kim every time kim calls her out on her bs. Shes is an awful person to the core and i bet shes glad russel killed himself so people will sympathize with her.

  • Chuck

    Taylor, Karma is a beeyoch. I can’t say I fee sorry for a woman who ignored her child at the kid’s own birthday (that was really a ‘look at me!’ moment for the mother), meanly gave away her child’s cute dog that the father had given her, and spends all her other time getting face filler.

    The worst part was how mean Taylor was to Kim Richards. Taylor set her up time and time again and attacked her when she was at her most vulnerable. Taylor even attacked Lisa with her weird pseudo-sexual relationship with Kyle.

    Finally, it is the epitome of hypocrisy for Taylor to have presided over an ex-battered women’s charity and hold herself up as a holier than thou survivor when Taylor was apparently still being abused by Russel at the time of the event. Pathetic.

    I didn’t like Russel very much during the show, but anyone having to endure the horror that is Taylor should get major sympathy points. Can you imagine the pure evil of this woman now trying to profit from his death by writing a tell all alleging that he was bisexual. Nice example for your daughter lady.

  • Cam

    You could tell there was something going on. Every time they would take a vacation there was always some reason he had to be gone for a day or so on business.

    However, just look at her, anorexic, lips blown up, cheek implants, and knowing they are bankrupt yet blowing $50,000 on a kids birthday party. She is hardly a sane woman.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Why are all you idiots watching trash like this in the first place? That in itself is more tragic than the man’s suicide.

  • Cam

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Says the guy who clicked on a post about “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

  • christopher di spirito

    I heard a lawyer on Sirius radio who said he is a friend of Russell Armstrong. He handled some of Armstrong’s last business affairs.

    He said Russell Armstrong begged Bravo-TV to not feature the intimate details of the divorce. Bravo-TV executives said without the details, Taylor would be replaced because they needed drama to attract an audience.

    The lawyer said he expects Bravo-TV to be named in a lawsuit filed by Russell Armstrong’s estate. I think Bravo-TV is playing with people’s lives and may be forced to rethink their programming brand.

  • jj

    @christopher di spirito: I doubt they’ll sue bravo now. Tmz just reported that bravo covered up an incident where taylor was severely beaten by russell. If anyones going to be suing bravo its taylor.

  • Cam


    Then again, that could also be a false leak engineered by Bravo or Taylor.

    If they really covered something like that up, they are criminally liable, I doubt their lawyers would have let them.

  • jason

    The bisexual double standard is an interesting – and worrying – phenomenon that has developed in America in recent years. It needs to be challenged head-on. We cannot afford to waste time. It needs to be put back into its ugly, hypocritical box. Here’s my explanation for it and why this means that we need to challenge women. We truly need to let women know that we won’t put up with their lies and hypocrisy.

    Society allows women to say they are bisexual even if it’s fake. It encourages them. It does it because females are required to titillate men. Many women go along with this requirement because women enjoy “turning men on”. You can see this in other aspects of female behavior such as make-up, skimpy clothing etc.

    On the other hand, society discourages men from saying they are bisexual. This is because society fears the power of men and their sexuality. Women, in particular, fear it. Male sexuality is strong and promiscuous. Two men together doubles the power. Women could not compete with other men for the affections of men. If a man is to have feelings for other men, he must be pushed to the “gay” category where he no longer poses a “threat” to women.

    This is one reason why society has created the “gay” category – ie to push men into an enclave that no longer poses a threat to women.

    All in all, it is women who promote the bisexual double standard to a very large extent.

  • jj

    @Cam: Real housewives of bev hills is bravos cash cow. It and RHONJ are their big ratings shows. They would do just about anything to keep those ratings. we shall see though.

  • M.

    @jason: totally agree with you!

  • mike

    @jason: jason, that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking all these years. I’ve met women who say they’re bi, whether it’s true or false but immediately you mention bisexuality in dudes, they’re like ewww, yet they act all cool when it’s with a chic. Even at clubs, women are all over each other just to please the straight male crowd. Believe me, I do not dislike bi/lez women, in fact what turns me on about real bi/lez relationships is how genuine women are unlike they’re male counterparts, but it irks me that women use their sexuality whether fake or not, to gain an upper edge…

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