Are You A Reality-Star Blonde With A Broken Marriage? Claim Your Husband Was Bisexual

As all of America has learned, Russell Armstrong—devoted husband to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cuckoo Taylor Armstrong—committed suicide on Monday night. And according to, it was his fear that his secret gay life would be revealed in a tell-all book that pushed him take his own life.

According to sources close to the 47-year-old, he was bisexual and worried that a tell-all book was going to out him, along with Taylor.

“About six months ago Taylor confided in a close friend that she’d found history for a gay website called on Russell’s laptop,” the insider told

“He was also spending a lot of time at the gym, but his body wasn’t changing, which she claims led her to believe he was meeting with men he’d met off the website and not spending time working out as he claimed.”

The insider also tells that when Russell was approached for comment about the impending tell-all book, it included great detail about what he liked in the bedroom.

While the article doesn’t say exactly who was writing said tell-all, signs point to Taylor. Her and Russell’s marriage was breaking up and she’d already accused him of physical abuse. Like all reality TV stars Taylor was a serious fame whore, so a tell-all seems like the logical next step. Besides, who’d want to read a book about the sexual indiscretions of a paunchy, middle-aged man unless it was part of his gold-digging “celebrity” wife’s larger memoir?

And speaking of gold-digging blonde bimbo wives, Linda Hogan is on the publicity trail with her new memoir, Surviving The Hulk, and teased that her hubby, Hulk Hogan, might’ve gotten into the ring with another wrestler. (We haven’t read the book to see if she goes into any more detail.)

Is there something in the water? Or is being the trophy wife to a powerful man and then dishing about his gay side once the marriage collapses some new how-to-have-it-all blueprint from Cosmopolitan? Taylor’s co-star Camille Grammer accused her TV star husband, Kelsey, of being light in the loafers (and cross-dressing) when their relationship ended. And back in 2007 Dina Matos McGreevey wrote her salacious tell-all, Silent Partner, after her ex, former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey, came out. It’s like Grammy always said, “Never trust a blonde with a killer rack.”

A man is dead—and that’s a tragedy no matter who it is. Was his alleged bisexuality a factor? Who knows—and honestly who cares? Will it mean Bravo will pull the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Not likely—these shows are hardly known for treading lightly with sensitive material.

If anything, it’ll guarantee there’s a Season Three.


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