Week in Comments

Are You Dorothy’s Size? Where Are The Modest Republicans? Got a Good Pun?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  


“Homophobic rap meets right-wing talk radio. Throw in some country music and a bit of Scientology and the stereotype smoothie will be complete.

skzip888 yawns at all of this cliche homophobia in White Rapper Slaine Latest Hip-Hop Artist To Get All Anti-Gay On Twitter


“It’s like coming into money!”

pierre hit the snare drum to sum up this knee slapper in The Louis Vuitton Condom: Luxurious Anal Intercourse For Only $68


“Funny, I am a Republican and I support marriage, any kind of marriage, be it Gay or Straight… I think that if you want to protect the values of marriage make divorce illegal, because that is what is ruining marriage. Marriage to me is the union of two individuals that love one another. Just my two cents, but please don’t stereotype all Republicans because of the ones that are on TV. They don’t speak for all of us.”

Dave stands up against the generalizing haters and defends his Republican values in Mainstream Media Ignores Hillary’s Landmark U.N. Speech, Anti-Gay Groups Lose Their Shit Over It



“What size are they?”

Size Queen is counting out that $3 million in pennies in America’s Drag Queens And Nostalgic Trolls Prepare Knife Battle Over Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers


“Rather curious given the Puerto Rican Tourist Bureau was one of the major sponsors of his recent tour. Great concert, [but] I’m not headed to PR anytime soon.”

Spike smells a rat in Puerto Rico’s Anti-LGBT Penal Code Makes Ricky Martin Muy Triste