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Are You Faking It Just To Get Done With The Sex? Lots Of Women And Men Are

I love when science makes me feel good about myself: “In a study of more than 200 college students, 25 percent of men and half of the women reported that they’d acted out an orgasm during sexual activity. The biggest motivation to fake it? Wanting sex to end without the awkwardness of hurting their partner’s feelings.” But don’t worry, gays. It’s breeder sex that’s most often to lead to a fake out: “Penile-vaginal intercourse was also the most likely type of sex to trigger orgasmic acting. Of those who specified the type of sex during which they faked an orgasm, 86 percent of men and 82 percent of women reported intercourse. he reason may be that people expect orgasm during intercourse, the authors wrote. Several men in the study reported faking an orgasm because they had no other way to end a sexual encounter without awkwardness.” [Live Science]