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Are You Faking It Just To Get Done With The Sex? Lots Of Women And Men Are

I love when science makes me feel good about myself: “In a study of more than 200 college students, 25 percent of men and half of the women reported that they’d acted out an orgasm during sexual activity. The biggest motivation to fake it? Wanting sex to end without the awkwardness of hurting their partner’s feelings.” But don’t worry, gays. It’s breeder sex that’s most often to lead to a fake out: “Penile-vaginal intercourse was also the most likely type of sex to trigger orgasmic acting. Of those who specified the type of sex during which they faked an orgasm, 86 percent of men and 82 percent of women reported intercourse. he reason may be that people expect orgasm during intercourse, the authors wrote. Several men in the study reported faking an orgasm because they had no other way to end a sexual encounter without awkwardness.” [Live Science]

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  • Tylertime

    If this survey is correct and the subjects are in college and are faking orgasm when they fall between the ages of 18 – 22 there is a bleak future ahead for these kids. Why would anyone have to fake an orgasm at that age?

  • Hyhybt

    I might as well go ahead and ask the obvious, as someone will anyway: HOW does a man go about faking an orgasm? I mean, a real one leaves… evidence.

  • T-in-Cali

    @Hyhybt: condoms? pretty simple, not many people are such cum guzzlers they want to suck your load out of the condom

  • Hyhybt

    @T-in-Cali: Not what I meant, either. Whatever you do (or don’t) with it, it’s *there*.

  • Jeffree

    Looks likes this study was done only on heterosexual people–I couldn’t find any mention of LGBs on the link to Fox news provided above.

  • Matthew

    I’ve never faked an orgasm but I have faked pleasure, like moans and stuff to encourage my partner. That’s not a bad thing right? And on a side note, I wonder how much of those straight guys having fake orgasm sex with their girlfriends are actual gay? That would be the more believable reason why a guy would fake an orgasm.

  • Brutus

    @Hyhybt: I’ve faked an orgasm before because I was regretting the hookup and was just not going to get off. You just take the condom off and immediately throw it away. It’s not like any sane person goes in the trash to dig it out and make sure you actually came.

  • Pucifer

    You just have to keep trying to cum, even if it takes hours!

  • scribe

    Sorry over share alert… When I was younger I stroked off a lot like most guys, but when I came I had a real strong grip on my cock. When I first started fucking ass and pussy, the grip of flesh wasn’t as tight as my hand and I couldn’t nut during sex. After a while, whoever I was fucking would tell me to stop. Eventually it made me feel bad and so I started faking it. I would go to the bathroom later and stroke one out. Once I stopped jerking off for a long time, finally I could nut during sex :) And even when I can’t, I’m comfortable enough sexually to just stroke one out in front of my partner

  • Ian

    I willingly admit that I’ve had sex when my partner was horny and I wasn’t in the mood just to make him happy when I would have much rather simply snuggled. I’ve actually done grocery and chore lists in my head while being f***ed and he was none the wiser. It’s just some of the natural sacrifices of being in a relationship as there is no such thing as both partners being 100% honest or sympatico about everything 100% of the time.

  • Pucifer

    Luckily for me, I never face the challenge of making the other sex cum. You straights have my sympathy. Ha ha, now it’s our turn to laugh at YOU!

  • scott ny'er

    @Ian: LOL. The images I got of from that were pretty funny. Your BF pounding away and you ticking off a list of bread, butter, milk… oh wait, pop tarts, let’s see what else (as your BF asks you to move to the left, which you automatically do and then get back to the important task at hand)… chicken, peas…

  • Jeffree

    @Scott NY’er: (#11):
    You just won the unofficial prize for “Funniest Post of the Week”!

    You had me at “Oh, wait, Pop-tarts”.


  • Kamikapse

    Do people still use the word “breeder”?


  • Jeremy

    I faked it my first time (when I was 18). I’d just met the guy and had no idea what I was doing. I don’t think he did either, because it felt good, but he was pounding away at me and seemed to think I was going to come just from that. I need a little more stimulation, but I was too inexperienced to ask him or just do it myself, so I clenched up and moaned a lot, and that seemed to fool him. I don’t think my story is a particularly unusual one. I’m just glad that a few more years of experience have taught me how to have better sex.

  • ron

    Thank you all for over-sharing. As a WASP, I could NEVER bring myself to discuss this subject, even in private.

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