Are You More Likely to Stay at a Hotel If It’s Gay-Owned? Survey Says, Yes!

We don’t give much cred to press releases touting survey results that benefits the very business releasing the data, but this one, from, caught our eye: “71% of Gay Travelers Prefer to Stay in Gay Owned and Operated Hotels.” Really?

First, there’s a difference between “prefer” and “actually stay at,” so what’s being reported here — from a survey of some 500 folks — is that 71 percent of gay people who travel have grand plans to support their own community, but that doesn’t mean they do. Also, that means 29 percent of gays don’t prefer to stay in gay O&O hotels? Does that make them self-hating? Or just more pleased with the cookie cutter experience they receive at a Starwood property? And when they hear the words “gay-owned,” are they thinking of clothing optional resorts like Pineapple Point?

Maybe that question can be answered by this other survey detail: 50 percent “indicated they weren’t bothered one way or the other” if the hotel was gay-owned. Wait. 50 percent + 71 percent = more than 100 percent. What are we missing here?

But the most important overriding factor in gay travelers choosing where to stay? Price, duh. Island House Key West might sound like a great idea, but if Red Roof is offering the second night free, well, there ya go.

In the meantime, should we really believe what has to tell us, when it’s also reporting Dubai — where homosexuality is illegal and gay persons are being criminally prosecuted and imprisoned — is the No. 1 gay and lesbian travel destination?