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Are You Ready For An Aaron Schock-Inspired Gay Skin Flick?

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We’re usually not huge fans of scripted pornos… unless they’re about former totally-not-gay Republican congressman Aaron Schock.

Titan Men has just announced an Schock-inspired skin flick which it plans to release later this year. “Cauke for President” will follow a hot homophobic lawmaker by the name of “Mike Cauke,” who engages in a clandestine affair with a young male staffer that ultimately sets off “a chain reaction of political intrigue and… of course, sex.”

Sounds intriguing.

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To promote the film, a Schock-esque Instagram account with pictures of the non-politican lounging by a poolside in Palm Springs, rocking some designer shades in an orange grove, and catching some UV rays at the beach has been created. A Twitter account for Mr. Cauke was also set up and has already accumulated nearly 500 followers and generated more than 250, including one sent directly to Queerty:

Then, of course, there’s the “Mike Cauke” website, where supporters can buy “Mike Cauke” T-shirts and read about their favorite political sex animal, who is described on the site’s “Meet Cauke” page as “a former college tight end on his college football team and all-around jock, Cauke loves sports, staying fit, and anything to do with balls or bats.” Get to know Mike Cauke in the campaign video below…

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