Are You Ready For His Football?, Nick Jonas Gets Cuffed, “Looking” Trailer & More!

– The Nick Jonas shirtless train keeps chugging along, this time with an appearance on Hawaii Five-0. Book ’em, Danno, on six counts of being sexy. #guiltyasscharged

– Hello, new reason [read: only reason] to like football.

Lady Gaga‘s Russian concert promoters have been fined for gay propaganda. Think of all those poor Russian kids who are now gay because of that Mother Monster.

– Meanwhile, Gaga was a hit on SNL over the weekend, though my favorite part was when she and R. Kelly dry-humped each other during “Do What U Want”:

Britney Spears sprung a leak when the song “Alien” “accidentally” got out earlier today.

– In what can only be called the role of a lifetime, if it was a very short life, Meryl Fucking Streep has been approached to play noted “dreamer” Susan Boyle in a proposed biopic.

– The trailer for HBO’s highly-anticipated gay dramedy Looking features nudity, hot beards, hot mustaches and of course some highly-anticipated nudity: