Are You Ready For His Football?, Nick Jonas Gets Cuffed, “Looking” Trailer & More!

– The Nick Jonas shirtless train keeps chugging along, this time with an appearance on Hawaii Five-0. Book ’em, Danno, on six counts of being sexy. #guiltyasscharged

– Hello, new reason [read: only reason] to like football.

Lady Gaga‘s Russian concert promoters have been fined for gay propaganda. Think of all those poor Russian kids who are now gay because of that Mother Monster.

– Meanwhile, Gaga was a hit on SNL over the weekend, though my favorite part was when she and R. Kelly dry-humped each other during “Do What U Want”:

Britney Spears sprung a leak when the song “Alien” “accidentally” got out earlier today.

– In what can only be called the role of a lifetime, if it was a very short life, Meryl Fucking Streep has been approached to play noted “dreamer” Susan Boyle in a proposed biopic.

– The trailer for HBO’s highly-anticipated gay dramedy Looking features nudity, hot beards, hot mustaches and of course some highly-anticipated nudity:


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  • jimbryant

    Lady Gaga is gross. Gross, gross, gross. The mere fact that she is collaborating with R Kelly proves how gross she is.

    Don’t forget that she has also collaborated with known homophobe TI on her new album. Speaks volumes about her.

  • Dixie Rect

    Haven’t we had enough of that Susan Boyle and her tired played out story? Hasn’t the world suffered enough? Yes, we have!

  • whatisthis

    @jimbryant: That’s just like your opinion, man. Congratulations on being grossed out by Lady Gaga. Would you like an award? /slowclap

  • balehead

    I can hear jimbryant’s back fat clapping for himself again…

  • stevearies40

    so move to russia @jimbryant

  • stevearies40

    @Dixie Rect: no we haven’t heard enough of Susan Boyle… I love her story and will watch anything about her or that has her in it….. It’s called compassion my dear……
    If I had 1/128th the talent she has I would consider myself extremely lucky!!!!!

  • mgmchicago

    The trailer for HBO’s highly-anticipated gay dramedy Looking features [regular] nudity… and of course some highly-anticipated nudity.

  • jwtraveler

    Another gay drama about a bunch of white, yuppie clones. Can someone tell HBO that gay men come in all shapes, sizes, ages and COLORS!

  • AuntieChrist

    @jwtraveler: No we don’t…. We all look like Matt Bomer or Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and all the lesbians look like Ellen.

  • Daniel-Reader

    It is important to tell minority stories. Last time the world checked, white people are a minority on the planet and comprise less than 15% of Earth’s population. Don’t blame white people for having ungodly addictions to film-making equipment and skills.

  • stringsattached

    –> can’t wait for the premier of “Looking”…

    who’s that guy in trunks watching the game.?

  • stringsattached

    @balehead : hey., sorry for this dumb question.. i just registered here in Queerty. . . how can i add a profile picture.? thanks… :-)

  • BrandoPolo

    @jwtraveler: No, there Noah’s Arc, a gay drama about a bunch of black, yuppie clones. In that respect, television is getting this right: it’s not like gays aren’t almost completely segregated from each other in real life. Jim Crow is the dirty little secret of the gay “community” after all.

    A Crash-meets-The Wire-esque ensemble drama featuring poor gays, rich gays, married closeted gays, yuppie gays, old gays, that bizarro subset of “thug” gays, rural gays etc. on the same screen would be fascinating to watch though.

  • Ron Jackson

    whoa! Too much hair in that “Looking” program. Don’t people know how to shave any more or is it just general laziness?

  • viveutvivas

    @Ron, it’s a look. A look I happen to like, by the way. And you can do amazing things with it in bed.

  • Franklin

    @jwtraveler: You mean minorities sometimes have experiences that don’t center around white people? Someone better take that butter knife from you sis coz you spreadin lies!

  • ShowMeGuy

    Where are the Gay, Black directors? Where are the Gay, Brown directors? Where are the Gay, Red directors? Where are the Gay, Yellow directors?
    If you are tired of seeing nothing but Gay, White directors….get off your ass and do something about it.

  • Franklin

    It’s simple to dismiss the lack of diversity in gay media by saying things like “get off your ass and do something about it”, or “create your own”. The problem with that is when we do create our own, we hardly get any support from the gay community. See the thing is, gay minorities have no problem watching, identifying with, and supporting movies, stories, and other media dominated by white people. We’re inundated by them. We group up with them. I mean, some of the very first stories we are told about growing up are fairy tales featuring mostly white heroes and heroins. But it doesn’t work the other way around. I mean how many people complained about how the show Noah’s Arc was a double standard, because it featured an all African-America cast; as if there couldn’t possibly be any other race of people interested in the lives of African-American gay people.

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