Are You Talking To Me?

Regardless of one’s sexuality, it’s pretty much a given you’re not going to have a chat while having a slash. No, that time’s meant for silence. Or, at least, it was. New Mexican police have just announced plans to install 500 talking urinal cakes to combat the state’s drunk driving epidemic. ABC affiliate KOAT-TV reports:

The state has ordered 500 talking urinal cakes that will deliver a recorded anti-DWI message to bar and restaurant patrons who make one last pit stop before getting behind the wheel.

The top of the devices feature the state DWI slogan — “You drink, you drive, you lose.”

The state spent $21 for each talking urinal cake for the pilot program but will ask bars and restaurants to pay for future orders if the idea catches on.

The cakes have enough battery power to last about three months.

With the men out of the way, coppers are working on developing a special talking tampon for women. It works sort of like a turkey thermometer. Splash guard sold separately.

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