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Are You Trying To Add This Guy On Facebook Just To See If He’s Hot Enough To Hook Up With?

“Whenever I get a Facebook request nowadays, nine times out of 10 it is a gay male who I have no met,” says James Berry, Facebook user. “I have not met him, and chances are I have not heard of him, and he’s just adding me simply because he’s gay and he lives one of the two towns that I live in. … And that’s really fucking annoying.” It is! Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing? And you know the reason for the friend request: to cruise your profile and see if you’re worth screwing. “It’s because they want to check out if I’m attractive or not … and they want to hook up with me if they think I’m attractive enough. If you’re the kind of person who does this sort of thing, I’m not gonna fuck you. That’s just principle. I’m a very slutty person, but I do have my standards.”

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/facebookadd.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2011/02/200a083.jpg 650 400]

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  • mpc144

    This is so true! My favorite quote “I’m a very slutty person, but I do have my standards”– ie meaning they need to go on Manhunt or Adam4adam. Standards!

  • VanceMan

    And the point of posting this was what … ?

  • mike128

    Enjoy it while you can. Ten more years and nobody is going to be cruzing your ass on facebook.

  • Qjersey

    You party boys that hit up every profile listing 7 or more at 8 in the morning after you’ve been up all night. Sorry don’t care how hot you are, I’m still not gonna fuck you, even MH and A4A sluts have standards.

  • Freddie

    I find this hard to take seriously. He’s a) “a very slutty person”, and b) there are naked guys plastered all over his walls- doesn’t scream decorus :p

  • Freddie

    PS: Is it the most infuriating thing in the world? Or, for example, innocent protesters dying in Libya and Tunisia? Just sayin’.

  • DJM

    I think his point was, “I spot it because I’ve got it.’

  • DJM

    Maybe his point was, “I spot it because I got it.” Rush Limbaugh, for instance, is commmenting this week on Michele Obama’s weight. Rush, you know, is an expert on other people with weight problems.

  • Ted

    Are You Trying To Add This Guy On Facebook Just To See If He’s Hot Enough To Hook Up With?….I can honestly say no.

  • Danny

    With that haircut, he’s obviously going bald and not in the good way.

  • hygtrfe

    Poor guy, he limits himself in seeing Facebook as only for friends.

  • Kammm

    Oh my god, James. I used to talk to him on Facebook and Skype, and met him on Tumblr. He is a bit of slut, as he says. And he was nice for a long time, but then he decided to drop me as a friend on both networks. Never knew why, he never told me.

  • Nick

    This is rather silly. It’s Facebook, not something really important. Adding someone isn’t contractual agreement that you’ll be BFFs. If you don’t want to add someone, click ignore and move on.

  • Loop

    I’d add the fuck out of him.

  • Enron

    I like to cruise hot gay men on Facebook, not necessarily to hook up, because the majority are far out of my reach, but just to look at their pictures and mouth water over how hot they look.

  • Red Meat

    wow he is so coincided, the worst kind of gay there is.

  • IE

    @Red Meat: Conceited. Yes, he is.

  • Ken S

    @Red Meat: He “coincided” with what? :-/

    Now if you mean “conceited,” that’s something you ought to back up with some kind of evidence if you’re going to say it. And a bitter feeling because maybe you add total strangers on facebook just to check them out and are feeling called-out as a creeper by his vlog doesn’t count as evidence.

    “He’s so conceited” is far too often code for “I don’t like what he’s saying because it struck a nerve, but since I can’t disprove his claims I’ll settle for an ad hominem attack on him to try and turn the audience against him.”

  • Ken S

    @Red Meat: He ‘coincided’ with what now? :-/ Personally I think (one of) the *worst* kind of gay is the kind who do a thing- say, creep total strangers’ facebook pages, for instance- and then when they happen upon someone saying “what is with the creepy fuckin’ creepers who add you to facebook *just* to scour your pictures?” they get all personally offended at feeling called-out, so rather than admit the questionable appropriateness of what they’re doing they just make up some ad hominem attack on the other person (calling them conceited, just for example) to turn the audience against the messenger for the argument that they can’t challenge in good faith.

  • Ken S

    WTF is with Qweerty lately? Half the articles I try to load give me server error messages and when I tried to post my comment it fucked up too, leading me to try again and double-post :-/

  • Brandon H

    Life must be soooo hard when people find you attractive. Even harder when you have to move your finger enough to click Deny.

    Woe is him.

  • McMike

    Unfortunately for the people on Facebook they have yet to see this video and do not realize what a complete douche bag this guys is.

    I don’t know what’s worse, him thinking just because someone requests him on Facebook that they must want to f*ck him or that this so-called problem is only limited to the queery community.

  • Jay

    well this is depressing. I dont think anyone has ever added me on facebook wanting to check me out or fuck me.

    ….I feel so uncool :-(

  • Kevin (New Jersey, US)

    We all know stalking is creepy unless the stalker is good looking. Please.

    Principle? Right.

  • Shannon

    This QUEEN is delusional!!!!!! Just becuase some OLD man…or foreign dork hits you up does NOT mean you are “cute” cause you are NOT!!!!!! I would not given you ANY energy if we were naked in a bathhouse! I swear…the ugliest queens THINK they are cute…

  • Matthew

    It’s not like he’s raising a valid point and from some of the comments (i.e. Shannon and Danny), he’s being proved right on this site alone. Gay guys should stop being so judgmental – this guy isn’t; he’s just clearly annoyed at being added on Facebook by any stranger, it just so happens that more often than not, it’s a gay guy looking to get a higher fuck number, Nothing he’s saying is wrong.

  • Matthew

    I should’ve say “It’s not like he’s NOT raising a valid point XP

  • Pip

    Welcome to the internet dude. I don’t really see what principle he’s going at. He says he’s slutty, and all people of all orientations check out other people every day for their sex appeal. Seems like he’s being a whiny adolescent.

  • whatever

    @Ken S: What are you? His bitch boy?

  • Charles

    It’s a shame that people are so quick to make making assumptions about a person’s entire life and history based on three minutes of footage online that he made on a whim. Harsh.

  • Allen D.

    I’ll add people that I think are attractive — to maybe DATE. Not hookup with. And that’s usually only if we have 8+ friends in common.

  • declanto

    If you’re a slut in the first place, what’s to whine about? That you’re a successful slut? Another non-story for Big Q.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Charles: Not really. I think it gives us a pretty good idea.

    Note to James – don’t be too fussy about who you get “slutty” with. You’re not exactly looking like the homecoming king (or queen).

  • Charles

    @justiceontherocks: Okay, Mr. Perfect, would your entire worth as a human being judged by the three minutes you lost your temper or got frustrated and vented? You would? Well okay then.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Charles: Everyone loses their cool once in a while, just like everyone writes things that don’t make sense. Most of us don’t share those moments with the world.

  • justnow

    @mike128: so funny and so true
    @Nick: yes and who adds someone they dont know on facebook?
    @Shannon: or someone who has high standards and think they are all that and everything else

    But he is allowed to make this video and not be judged by it

  • AC Walker

    A guy posts about how put upon he is that people find him so attractive and manages to get media attention for it. Well played, Egoman.

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