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Argentina’s Gays Are Leaps + Bounds Closer to Full Marriage Rights Than Americans


The United States and Argentina may be tied in some respects, but the South American nation might leapfrog us where it counts: marriage equality. After a Buenos Aires court sided with a gay couple and ruled illegal the city’s opposite-sex-only marriage laws, Mayor Mauricio Macri says he’ll leave the decision alone (and approves of the ruling), effectively upgrading existing civil union laws there to full-blown marriage.

Sounds like Connecticut. Or Iowa!

But Brazil’s federal lawmakers are racing past Americans en route to nationwide recognition.

While the Respect for Marriage Act lingers on The Hill — and, if passed, would only repeal DOMA, but not create federal gay marriage — Argentina’s Congress is working on bills that would nix the phrase “man and woman” in favor of gender-neutral “spouses.” Lawmakers, meanwhile, have the backing of voters: An estimated 70 percent of Argentinians favor same-sex marriage.

[Ed: Well that was embarrassing. We wrote “Brazil” instead of “Argentina.” A stupid mistake, which we regret.]