Arguing For Gay Divorce By Claiming It Helps Bans on Gay Marriage

As Jeffrey Buck fights the Texas court system to grant him a divorce from Henry Buck, who he married in 2006 in Massachusetts, he was initially branded by some as a gay rights hero. By forcing the Texas judicial system to give him a divorce, the theory went, he would also force it to recognize his marriage. But yesterday as his attorney Jody Scheske (pictured) argued in front of Judge Tena Callahan — who already ruled in a previous case that the state’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional — his argument centered around something very un-gay-friendly: By granting Jeffrey Buck a divorce, the state would have one less gay marriage, and that, in fact, would aid the state’s anti-gay stance.

So not only has Jeffrey fought the label of gay rights champion, his attorney — battling against Asst. Solicitor General Jimmy Blacklock, representing the state — is throwing the marriage equality movement under the bus as the tries to get the best outcome for his client. Which is his job. But it’s a pretty terrible strategy for the rest of us.

Unless, of course, what even the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott fears comes true: Granting gay divorces brings us this much closer to gay marriage in Texas.

[Dallas News]